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Writers continue to charm readers with tales of the Otherworld beings, often hoping to create a twist in their own imagining of characters and plots to make their story unique. Sometimes it works and the series is captivating, and sometimes it is so far fetched it becomes silly. Then there are times when a book is written so well, manages to have a twist without actually creating a difference in the thinking in the creatures we have grown to love to read about, that the writing itself is what stands out as worthy.

Dark Genesis: The Darkling Trilogy Book 1 is a book that pulls you in and leaves you stunned with every chapter. This book’s character descriptions are incredibly well written. Truly fitting the definition of a page-turner, the book introduces Dallas, a young woman struggling to find her own path in life. Dallas has what she describes as a psychic type of gift to know about things ahead of time. The strange sense of her mind warning her also causes a reluctance to heed advice on occasion. Along with a strange family history, Dallas discovers an old diary while seeking the comfort of her grandmother’s quilt.

The diary is the true story of the book as it weaves a tale about Luna, a slave in Mississippi and the demon she encounters. Luna’s mother is a rumored witch who was sold to another Master, which scars Luna as she was only three at the time. Luna is a victim of repeated rape and cruel treatment due to life as a slave. After a visit to her mother, Luna stops at an old chapel and encounters Avery. Avery the Vampire, hates being a vampire and is captivated by Luna’s mind and her beauty. After saving Luna, they begin to see each other in new ways, along with learning about themselves too. The diary wonderfully explains so many minute details and ends just as it seems the real story begins when it returns to Dallas. This series already promises to be one that will have faithful followers and eager readers who can’t wait for the next installment.

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