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Neverland captured hearts with tales of Peter Pan, fairies and pirates. But occasionally there is the desire to root for Captain Hook once in a while. In Hook’s Revenge time hasn’t forgotten the fear the name Captain Hook creates when heard. No one enjoys that knowledge more then his daughter, Jocelyn. The clever, high-spirited young girl has never met her father, due to his obvious profession, but adores him and hopes for him to rescue her from the tedious life she lives. Learning to be a proper young lady at a boarding school does not fit the idea of what she’d like her life to be. Worse than just having to learn to be a young lady, her boarding school roommates are the picture of perfect young ladies, creating laugh-out-loud hilarious scenes of Jocelyn’s life there. Upon her birthday though, things change and Mr. Smee comes along and an adventures truly begins. This tale of believing is heartfelt and recreates the characters loved from childhood, and even when “The End” comes, every reader will hope the story continues as Jocelyn’s adventures do.

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