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Pimento cheese, long considered a Southern delicacy, can now be enjoyed by anyone thanks to the Pimento Cheese:  The Cookbook. Perre Coleman Magness gives a brief history of Pimento cheese as well as why she loves it so much. Her book is then divided into typical categories such as starters, breakfast, main dishes, vegetables and sides.

“The first pimentos in the United States were commercially grown in California beginning in the early 1900’s. Soon after, production started up in Georgia, which shortly thereafter eclipsed California in production.”

The 50 recipes are often accompanied by pictures, and in the cheese chapter she shows how the different flavors look in the completed form. For example, the Creole version versus the regular version is pictured. Each recipe shares serving size, ingredients needed and directions. Side notes are on many pages as well as stories, jokes and little nuggets of fact. Some recipes are rather unique (and this reviewer thinks for the brave) such as pimento cheese waffles with pimento syrup and bacon. Yet, this book will have something for everyone, so if you have ever been curious about pimento cheese, this is worth the look.

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