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Getting authentic Cuban flavors just got a whole lot easier with The Cuban Table. This bountiful book combines photos, history, and recipes to give the home cook a complete picture of Cuban food. Countless full-color photographs will have the reader salivating and excited to get in the kitchen to reproduce the various recipes. The table of contents is organized by foods and contains bakery, lunch counter, soups, beans, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, fruits, vegetables and sweets. There is even a cocktail chapter. Recipes are flanked with the Spanish name and English translation and serving size. Ingredients are listed with measurements and directions follow. Most ingredients are readily available. Recipes are straightforward and overall pretty simple to follow and make. Notes are included as needed. At the end of the book are Foundation recipes and include some basics to Cuban cooking that can be made ahead such as achiote oil, coconut milk, sofrito and the various stocks needed for recipes. A Cuban pantry and glossary are provided and a resource page for the more difficult to find items makes this book even more helpful. Photos of finished dishes, as well as, typical Cuban life, makes this book a resource for all things Cuban and paints a picture of how the simple life equates to simple, flavorful food. The Cuban Table is educational, as well as, inspirational and frankly the stunning photographs make this book an ideal coffee table book, too.

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