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Vegetarians and vegans with a taste for the international cuisine will love The Small Planet Vegetarian Cookbook. Many of the recipes are also labeled as vegan adaptable. Troth Wells has done a fabulous job of selecting recipes, and the publisher did equally impressive work in designing the book. The recipes are collected from every corner of the planet, most are not overly complicated for the average cook.

“…I love it when people say ‘I cooked the recipe but I added this and changed that…’ Excellent!”

The design of this cookbook is unusual: the recipes are presented in alphabetical order according to the first word of the recipe. Since the list of content follows the same order, the cook has an easy job choosing something appealing. The two indexes also help. One index is according to regions and one is ordered by main ingredients – unusual but the system works. The professional photo illustrations are gorgeous. Each recipe has a full-page photo facing the recipe page. The recipes are well written and easy to follow. Necessary ingredients are not hard to find. Each recipe gives the total prep/cooking time, and many also include suggested pairings of dishes, including small photos of these dishes. Units and terminology are given in metric and American. The region of origin is in bold face and in large fonts in the excellent head notes.

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