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Soup of the Day will expand your soup repertoire dramatically with 150 recipes from Ellen Brown’s favorite restaurants. There will be no need to make the same old soups that you have been making for years. There are even 20 different chilled soups and 12 alone are various gazpachos including a watermelon version. Each recipe includes the restaurant it is from, an introductory paragraph, number of servings, ingredients and detailed directions. Notes are included as needed and interesting tidbits about the various ingredients. For example, bay leaves are always placed whole in the dish and always removed due to their bitter taste. The book is organized by stocks, garnishes and equipment and then by type of soup such as chilled, vegetable, bean, fish, chicken, and meaty soups.

“It’s the long-simmered homemade stocks that add the depth of flavor to the soups and sauces enjoyed at fine restaurants.”

The final chapter consists of breads, quick breads and rolls. The recipe for breadsticks and another for popovers will add to your side dish options. The recipes are easy-to-follow and ingredients are readily available. The amount of information is fantastic and includes even reheating or freezing information. Full color photos randomly litter the pages and add to the general usefulness of this book. The variety of possibilities in this book really makes it a winner.

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