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A children’s book should be filled with words that expand their vocabulary and Glamourpuss does not let down the educators who should back this book. A charming story about a spoiled cat who has had the world revolve around her, and rightfully so! This kitty and her diamond necklace has its’ own bedroom and servants that not only pamper the people who love and adore her, but Glamourpuss too. With simple and effective illustrations to portray the many haughty faces to portray the mood and descriptions for a cat that does not just enter a room but creates a presence. When the Gazillionaire’s who are lucky enough to own Glamourpuss have a visit from a sister that comes from Houston, the world is turned upside down when the perfect pooch comes too and steals the spotlight away. This dog can do tricks, wears hideous outfits, which everyone else adores except Glamourpuss – or so she thinks. Suddenly Bluebell the dog rebels and becomes the protégé to the spoiled cat and makes a new friend too. As silly this cat is, children and grown ups can easily imagine something so ridiculous occurring. The laughs that come from the book are worth the read, enough that when that child has to hear it over and over again no parent will mind.

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