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The introduction and accompanying photos are a little saccharin in The Newlywed Cookbook but the book improves considerably as we get into recipes. In fact, this is a very good cookbook and it’s a puzzle why it’s targeting newlyweds. It is more like a well-rounded general cookbook with good trendy recipes and a pleasing variety. If neither of the newlyweds is much of a cook, this book is too much for them to tackle. The recipes are not hard to prepare for most home cooks but a challenge for the beginners. But every recipe has a Tips sidebar with many useful and informative ideas, a must-read for beginners and even more advanced cooks – these are excellent.

“Now, it is time to cook together and build a lifetime of love and good eating.”

Recipe writing is good, ingredients are not hard to find and authors Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore give substitute ingredients. Layout is cook-friendly, nearly all recipes are on a single page, and many are illustrated with beautiful professional photos. The last section, Kitchen & Pantry Basics (nearly sixty pages), is particularly helpful – for newlyweds or for any home cook with such sections as Tips for Savvy Cooking, Herbs, Seasoning & Flavor Boosts and Small Appliance 101. Index is nicely cross-referenced.

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