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Wife of the Deceased by Dawn M. Bell is a memoir about the author’s struggles after she loses her husband in a tragic airplane crash. The book chronicles the period of time before and after she loses her husband, and is drawn mostly from the journal that she kept during the two to three years that she chronicled her struggle with grief.

Wife of the Deceased is quick-paced in that the author’s language is stark and to the point – she does not waste her words and the content of the book is given to the reader in a straightforward fashion. Some of it seems to have been drawn right from her stream-of-consciousness as the events were happening, giving the reader a vivid sense of her emotions at the time. This book is important in that, as the author states, there isn’t a whole lot of literature out there regarding the grieving process and what happens to people when they go through a traumatic experience such as losing a loved one. The author walks us through the process of grieving and how it is often chaotic and unexpected – and she definitely drives home the point that grief doesn’t have a time limit or an expiration date. The process happens differently for everyone who experiences it, and even after someone believes that they have stopped grieving, it can still whip up and surprise them.

The book is a good account of the nature of grief, and how it can make a person angry and depressed – and a good account of what not to do with a friend or a family member is grieving. Wife of the Deceased is a good recommendation for someone who is grieving (if only to say “you’re not alone!”), and it’s certainly good for a friend or family member who is trying to process along with a grieving person.

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