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Here is a vegetable cookbook not likely to be useful for the more accomplished cook. Mastering the Art of Southern Vegetables, nevertheless, is an excellent cookbook for the less experienced cook looking for useful information on vegetables and on how to cook them. The specification of Southern vegetables is in the title is a bit misleading, as the majority of vegetables used in the recipes includes all the common varieties cooks use throughout the United States, although some of the recipes are presented with a bit of southern flair. Authors N. Dupree and C. Graubart provide general information on each vegetable (how to purchase, store, and basic cooking), then offer anywhere from a few to a dozen simple recipes for each. The recipes are good, well written and easy to follow for even the beginner cook, and ingredients are readily available with some exceptions (lady peas?). Even though recipes are simple, they give one or more variation to jazz up the creations. The many tips as sidebars are good, also the layout of recipes, each placed on a single page. You’ll find the unusual too – corncob stock, cauliflower rice. The cookbook ends with a short chapter of vinaigrettes and sauces. The photo illustrations throughout the book are pleasing.

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