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The boy who likes the girl isn’t fawning over her. Instead, he is rude and seems to want nothing to do with her – yet always seems to be around. Sadie has made plenty of mistakes, so her attraction to Sheriff Eli Garrett is disaster waiting to happen . . . or is it? A sweet romance blooms in Maisey Yates’s Part Time Cowboy. This is part of the Copper Ridge series, set in a small fictional town in Oregon. In this story where opposites attract, fate seems to have a better plan in mind, constantly putting this mismatched pair together every time they step outside. Raw passion enters when least expected and provides steamy moments – until they make the mistake of thinking!

Part Time Cowboy is a fun read that is sure to raise the room temperature. Just when things seem to move ahead, they take a giant step back and bring the mistake full circle, leaving Sadie in self-conscious doubt and worried about her own future as everything burns to the ground . . . literally. Yates does an amazing job of bringing the ending around in the nick of time and creating the perfect lead into the next Copper Ridge story.

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