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When Sophia Bellamy enters into an arranged marriage with René Hasard to save her family from financial ruin, both she and her fiancé end up with more than they bargained for. Unbeknownst to all but a select few, Sophia Bellamy acts as the mysterious Red Rook, the savior to those wrongfully imprisoned and awaiting death by the Razor. Little does she know that her husband-to-be is the cousin of Albert LeBlanc, the government official in charge of incarcerating citizens as well as the man determined to destroy the Red Rook. However, once each discovers the other’s secret, Sophia and René realize that their ultimate goals align: take down the new government, including LeBlanc, and eradicate corruption. Despite Sophia and René’s seemingly infallible plan, things go wrong at every turn. Join their adventure as history repeats itself in a new Revolution.

Despite all recent dystopian, romance novels, Rook sets a clear distinction from many other novels in the genre. Set in the future mirroring Paris during the French Revolution, Rook identifies the central theme of all revolutions – oppression. While not meant to teach a history lesson, this novel provides a compelling narration of revolution. The storyline moves fluidly from scene to scene with near constant action throughout the novel. However, following the plot is a bit difficult as it is complex. Nevertheless, the complexity of the plot creates an absorbing read; characters are dynamic and seem to breathe life into the pages. Add hints of historical events with relatable characters and an amazing plot is born. With a romance in the background as well as elements of science fiction incorporated into the situation, Rook is sure to be a read all readers will remember.

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