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Upon opening the book The ButterflyFree Project by Jim Talentino, the word strange comes to mind. It is organized as no other book and contains a mixture of poetry, stories of sorts, along with spiritual understanding and awakening. Talentino writes that this is a collection of wisdom passed down through his father and was created from the divine intervention of knowing his father was supporting him from beyond life in a new path. While reading however, the book combines spiritual simple prophecies and statements by connecting them into specific categories to relate to life. The phrase ‘Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten’ comes through in his topic about school and learning. Understanding that it is better to teach a child then tell a child, which allows them to set a path for themselves rather than a path imagined for them by an adult.

Freeing is exactly what The ButterflyFree Project aims to do. It aims to free us from the ideals and paths we have set ourselves in and experience the joy and fun in life. Put to simple examples and poetic statements, Talentino brings out the pieces that matter from the drama and chaos life often feels it has confined us to. Thinking of life as a game, with the goal of experiences and fun, versus success, creates an ideology that is reflective and provoking. With a mission to inspire others and redesign the purpose of poetry to create an emotion within, instead of reading it without emotion and understanding, The ButterflyFree Project brings to life an opportunity to reexamine the world through a clear perspective. Simply choose the subject in question and within the book is a page (or three) bringing forth understanding, love and a gentle hope.

While strange comes to mind as you begin, and continues throughout at moments like reading “Womin” and “Wholly” the whimsical point is, we all know deep down right from wrong. Figuring out what truly matters is more the point. The ButterflyFree Project does an excellent job reminding readers to look beyond the daily grind and rediscover what truly matters to them.

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