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Today’s Date
To be a source of good in the world today, read Be a Good in the World: 365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas and Acts of Kindness by Brenda Knight. The book is broken into 365 sections, each topped with the month and day.

Tomorrow’s Date
Pick up the book again for another idea of how to be a source of good in the world. Perhaps this will be straightforward, or perhaps it won’t.

Future Dates
With each passing day, marvel at how this would make a better list of suggestions rather than a day-to-day activity. To follow each would leave any person exhausted and broke long before the year finishes. There are over a dozen and a half suggested monetary donations. This is in addition to the other donation suggestions, including three different days devoted to donating old smartphones. Who has that many phones lying around? There are over nine suggested places to volunteer time, and one of these is a duplication. Some are combinations of volunteerism and donation. Quilt a blanket for donation. Knit a scarf donation. These are not daily acts of kindness, but commitments.

Much of the time, kindness is good common sense. Just think about what people really need.

In addition, there are days with unclear motives. There is no specific command to volunteer or donate, but explanations on the wonderfulness of certain organizations, which generally seek both volunteerism and donations.

Other days are devoted to personal or environmental health and welfare. Stop smoking. Conserve water. Adopt a positive affirmation. Be kind to animals.

Some are impractical. Plant a fruit tree. Where? Install a rain barrel. This is illegal in some places and not possible for most apartment dwellers. Don’t suffocate on the inherent assumed elitism of these tasks. Dumpster diving is also included, but this is also illegal by some local regulations.

Accept that this book is not really a guide to daily acts of kindness. Instead, it is a compilation of compassionate ideas packaged in the wrong format.

Appreciate the strengths of this book. When they link to the correct organization, there are some great websites referenced. Find a few that interest you so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t feel the need to teach English abroad one day or donate the flowers from your wedding, which only happens once in awhile and not necessarily on the specified date. Just do your best.

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