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Here is a beautifully produced vegan cookbook. It’s a pleasure to leaf through its colorful pages and the striking professional food photographs. Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Vegan with a Vengeance is filled with a large number of good recipes from Brunch, through Soups and Entrées to Desserts. However, this cookbook is a slightly updated edition of the same published ten years prior. Should you own the original version, you may want to skip this edition. If you are new to vegan cooking this cookbook is a good starter in your kitchen.

The recipes are well written with nice head notes, instructions are not hard to follow and ingredients are readily available. With a few exceptions the recipe layout is good on single pages, many illustrated by gorgeous photos. Moskowitz gives helpful variation on most recipes, and on many pages sidebars, written by her co-author cat, provide good tips (Fizzle Says). Many of the recipes are Brooklyn-Jewish slanted. They are mostly good recipes but not very imaginative; more ordinary like Pesto, Gnocchi, and Mac & Cheese. Some have odd titles like Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy, Roasted Applesauce or Brooklyn Pad Thai. The index is very good, nicely cross-referenced.

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