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Archie is a penguin and Archie is a daredevil. Archie has climbed the tallest mountain, tiptoed through a field of sleeping seals, and now he is trying to fly. But for all his adventures and daredevil stunts, Archie is afraid of the water and the creatures that live in it. That is why he is trying to fly, so that he can make it over to Iceberg Nine and join his friends at a fish fry.

This is a quick fun read, the illustrations are simple and laid out much like a cartoon strip. Archie is intrepid and resourceful and not only does he take flight, but he also confronts his fears and learns just how much fun swimming can be. He even makes it to the fish fry in the end. This is a fun book that children and adults can share, and will probably end up revisiting over and over again. This is a great book to add to any young person’s library.

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