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This is another book in the line of Zen items (Zen Socks, Zen Ties, Zen Ghosts) by Jon J. Muth following the adventures and pearls of wisdom of Stillwater the Panda. In this adventure Stillwater has new neighbors, Leo and Molly. Some days Stillwater takes their cat Moss for a ride in the basket of his bicycle, other days he practices ballet with Molly, and still others he plays robots with Leo. Each time he has a story, a parable, to help Molly and Leo learn some important lessons about patience, practice, adventure, and being friends.

This book is chalk full of wisdom and lessons to be learned with Stillwater as a gentle and adept teacher. The watercolor illustrations are beautiful and each of the parables that Stillwater offers up for the kids are illustrated in beautiful, simple, black ink drawings. This is a still, quiet book – just opening the cover gives the reader the sense of peace and wisdom. This is a book that children can grow up with, learning and discovering new things as they get older. It is a book they will love to come back to and reminisce with as they become adults.

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