History lovers, as well as architecture aficionados, will appreciate the research and stories presented in Timberline Lodge (Images of America). William Turner, the architect, was hired to design Timberline and he had integral influence in the building’s final outcome. Hundreds of black and white photos tell the story of Timberline Lodge. Skilled workers were paid ninety cents an hour and all workers charged one dollar per day for lodging. Once started, the construction of Timberline Lodge went exceedingly fast, even with the challenge of the snow. Fascinating tidbits litter this slim book and little known facts present an interesting story of Government Camp, the Forestry Service, and the general times as Timberline Lodge took shape in the mid 30s.

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In addition to building the lodge, furnishing details are included, too. Timberline Lodge benefited from a post WWII war ski boom, which solidified Timberline’s place not only in history, but also in skier’s hearts. Munro completed exhaustive research and gives the reader insights to the magnificent process of erecting Timberline Lodge during the Depression Era by the Works Progress Administration. Timberline is an icon to the New Deal, as well as Cascadian architecture. Timberline Lodge (Images of America) is a slim book with robust details that will delight any history buff.

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