Nicole Hunn and her Gluten-Free Small Bites give the reader 100 gluten-free recipes in her fifth book on gluten-free cooking. The focus of this book is hand held treats for entertaining, as well as on-the-go eating. Eight chapters range from fried options to wraps, vegetarian, dinner, breads, and sweets. The basics chapter covers gluten-free flours available commercially and make-it-yourself versions, too. Techniques, tools and other ingredients get covered in this chapter also.

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Each recipe has full page, full-color picture too. Recipes start with an introductory information, ingredients and amounts listed, as well as, how much the recipe will make. A nice bonus is the sidebar with make-ahead and bigger bites options. Ingredients are readily available and directions are easy to follow. The book closes with a metric conversion chart. The book is soft cover and there is ample room on the pages to make personal notations.

There is so much variety of recipes in Gluten-Free Small Bites that it will be easy to forget that all of the items are gluten-free! Feast on spanakopita, shepherd’s pie, vanilla scones, or handheld pies. This book is truly a treasure trove of delectable, easy foods from all food groups.

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