Writing with a Mission
by Frank Daidone

A mission defines the “why” we do what we do while at the same time instills a passion into our efforts. In the early stages of writing I didn’t have a definable mission driving my words and as a result I found myself going in different directions, down emotional rabbit holes and turning my writing effort into personal therapy rather than carrying out the message. Eventually I went through an exercise to define the “why” of my writing and through that was able to establish a comprehensive mission statement supporting the purpose of my story. It was here when the process began to flow and come together. When I wrote Life’s Equation this mission statement became the primary driver of the writing because without it thoughts and ideas began to drift and the risk of losing what was paramount to the delivery became inevitable.

Developing a mission for Life’s Equation, started with a simple question; “What am I?” The raw answer was, “I’m alive.” Expanding on the concept of this existence, I focused on the energy within me, as well as all living things. This energy exists as a result of being alive and disappears when we die. It would only make sense all things living share this common living energy regardless if you’re a person, a dragonfly, or a blade of grass. Using living energy as the foundation to discovering purpose and building a personal mission leads to experience. Experience is another common denominator between all things living. It is through these experiential interactions, whether physical or verbal, tactile or intangible that we generate understanding, the third building block to discovering purpose enabling a path to create a mission. We continue to build our understanding throughout life as we expand upon our experiences allowing us to grow as representatives of this world. It is through the building blocks of energy, experience, and understanding that helped me define my mission statement – To gain a greater understanding of the world around me. It’s a simple yet very broad statement allowing me to appreciate the most rudimentary interactions while continuing to be in awe of the world around me.

The purpose of Life’s Equation was meant to bring hope and clarity to the mind of the reader. It is a new way to think about each other and the meaning and purpose of each living thing. It is a connection that brings us together by looking past our circumstances, our physical form, and our beliefs. The intention behind writing is to express one’s ideas through the lens of our hearts and minds rather than judgment or comparison. Fact or fiction, there is a story within all of us and the art of writing allows us authors to communicate in unique and powerful ways. It’s an evolution of consciousness and the ability to influence the world in a direction we see the future taking shape. This is a tremendous responsibility and should never be viewed or taken lightly. I write as I live my life, it is both a privilege and a sacrifice of my time. The only possession I truly have is my time in this world. It has a limitation and I don’t take it for granted. Every moment I spend writing takes me away from my family, friends, and career. But through this experience as an author I am renewed and transformed knowing these efforts are my mark on this world and something I can share and leave behind far beyond my time on this earth. If you’re going to write, have a purpose and clear mission worthy of your sacrifice and value each moment of the process and ensure it is productive with a meaningful exploitation of your message and the mark you want to leave behind.

Frank Daidone is author of Life’s Equation. Find him at http://lifesequation.net on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FrankDaidoneauthor/,and on Twitter @FrankDaidone. A dynamic author, business leader and speaker, his heartening talks to audiences of all backgrounds and interests provide invaluable insight on his own experience to help to inspire others. His greatest passion lies within creating a strong foundation for exploring our strengths and passions. Strongly aligned with his mission to create a strong foundation for our future by helping children explore their strengths and passions through leveraging today’s workforce by bridging many gaps, he supports various nonprofits including Big Brother’s Big Sisters, Tennyson Center for Children, Nurse-Family Partnership and Colorado Technology Association. When Frank isn’t out sharing his perspective on the world, his biggest accomplishment is being a proud father two his two daughters. With them and his wife, Frank enjoys traveling and exploring, whether that’s around the world or right at home in Denver.