What’s Your Creative Type? explores the five different creative types, or artistic personality profiles. Wagner hopes that “reading about the creative types – and identifying your own – will make your path to artistic self-discovery entertaining as well as illuminating. The five types are A-Lister, Artisan, Game Changer, Sensitive Soul, and Activist. The A-Lister is all about ego-self-fulfillment while the Game Changer wants to create something new and shocking. The Sensitive Soul uses artistic endeavors to share their emotions while the Activist is changing the world through art.

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Each chapter focuses on one creative type with a quick explanation and description followed with a host of additional information as well as personality quizzes and creative boosters. Wagner shares famous people with various creative types and examples where the creative types can be overused. Tons of examples and helpful tips litter each chapter, and each chapter ends with a takeaway box of suggestions and ideas.

Wagner has assembled an interesting and useful resource for creatives and anyone who strives to improve their creativity. She gives the reader a new way to view the creative process and what truly makes people creative. What’s Your Creative Type? is definitely a worthwhile read for all the stories, examples, and insights of the many famous creatives we all know and admire.

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