Our brains are assholes, according to Faith Harper, PHD, LPC-S, ACS. In her book, Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-outs, and Triggers, she covers the ways our brains f*&# with us and what we can do to deal with it.

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Plain-spoken would be a polite way to describe the tone of this book. It’s probably not for those who are easily offended by blue language. That is one of this book’s many pleasures, that it is written in such an unconventional manner, going against what one expects a psychology book to “sound” like. The language isn’t just for effect, but makes the author relatable, unique, and much-needed comic relief for what can be thoroughly harrowing psychological issues. Her focus is giving people the tools so they can sort out their own mental BS, and with this thin volume she does just that, explaining the brain and giving readers a jump-start to the long, involved process of getting their brain back. She remains encouraging about there being life beyond trauma, and how to make friends with it, or at least be good neighbors, while you both go about living your lives. From addiction to depression and all kinds of other traumas, “Dr. Faith” gives clear, actionable steps for getting started on the journey of living with and even thriving in spite of our asshole brains.

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