Never has it been more important to focus on the here and now, than today. The days seem to whip by, given the 24-hour nature of nonstop social media and email. Chris Baréz-Brown contends that our brain plays a role in living in autopilot, and explains how the conscious and subconscious brain influences our behaviors. The subconscious performs more automatically, while the conscious brain focuses on the details. Baréz-Brown has assembled a workbook of sorts that helps the reader get out of “autopilot” mode, and moves them towards being present in “here and now” by turning off the subconscious brain.

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“When we wake up, we notice that we are anything but on our own; we are truly connected to everything and everybody on this planet because, energetically, we are all one. This heightened sensitivity helps us understand what is important and what is not and enables us to leave our petty obsessions behind so that we can focus on what really counts.”

provides the reader with a multitude of experiments (or exercises) to shift from the subconscious to the conscious. Baréz-Brown divides the experiments into three main buckets: tune in and focus, power up your body, or plug into a resource. The book is colorful, almost with a whimsical feeling, with ample space to take notes, doodle, or just “be.” Some of the activities are obvious, such as kill your television, while others just remind the reader of simple activities that can move them towards being more aware, such as taking a walk at lunchtime. Other exercises push boundaries, and really make the reader think and do in a daring way. So, this book allows the reader to customize their journey with baby steps, or leaps. Ultimately, “time is limited, so let’s not waste it” comes through loud and clear with the inspiring, inventive little manual. The rest is up to the reader. Good luck.

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