Any wine enthusiast, especially one interested in the Willamette Valley, will pour over Willamette Valley Wineries by Barbara Smith Randall. Painstaking research clearly went into this book. Each page is littered with photos coupled with stories, and facts that provide the history of the Willamette Valley wine industry. Six chapters range from the pioneers, to setting infrastructure, to telling the world about Pinot Noir, and then, of course, to looking to the future. Bravado, passion, and a little bit of luck paint the picture of an industry that has grown to be world renowned. Names such as Lett, Coury, Ponzi, and Adelsheim all grace this book as their stories are revealed through photos, text, and maps.

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Willamette Valley Wineries is full of interesting tidbits about the wine industry, and the people that grew it to what it is today. Do not be put off by the strikingly eerie cover – it is worth the read if your interest lies in wine. The Willamette Valley wine industry was constructed with passion and hard work, and Randall documents it all with aplomb.

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