This finely curated book drew me in with promise of two of my favorite things: whiskey and pie, of which I found along with some talented writing. The authors’ styles are varied from poetry, essays and short stories, although I think listening to these being read aloud would take the pieces to the the next level. My favorite work is by M. L. Smoker titled “Hunger for Pie, Dream of Whiskey” (p.214-15.)

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“We must remember to savor the little joys in perilous times.” […] “Take pie, for instance – so often overlooked, disregarded, left of the menu entirely. Yet with delectable poise, it can show up unannounced and the entire temperament shifts.”

There are also recipes throughout the book in addition to whiskey and pie quips, which is a detail I will often seek out when selecting a book to read. While I haven’t yet baked up a recipe, there are many are dog-eared at the ready. However, I did enjoy a glass of rye, neat, just like this book. (you had to see that coming!). This book will hopefully inspire more pie and whiskey pop-ups (there is a recipe included for this too). I think the world needs it.

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