Any technology can be problematic if it’s not used correctly. Whether it’s automobiles, guns, or the internet, careless or uninformed use can have serious consequences beyond those intended. Social media is one of those with results ranging from just being a major “time suck” to, “fake news” to incitement to suicide. Think Before You Like has all you need to know to blossom on social media without compromising your life too.

The gist of the book is that social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., are huge, growing and can have an outsized impact on public opinion as well as our private lives.

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Social media is largely unregulated and driven by algorithms designed to hold your attention by serving up articles that you will like, determined by past usage. All of this is just for clicks and screen time so that they can make money from their advertisers and the sale of our preferences to just about anyone. The best things in life aren’t free, as the saying goes, but what is the cost of having the best and worst of the world at our fingertips? Well, it depends, at least a large part, on you.

Mr. Harrison has written six previous books, mainly on “good” thinking. The term still isn’t very clear, but might be less demanding than “critical thinking.” Plus, who can argue with good anything? He pretty much continues along these lines, but expanded to a wide-ranging overview of the pitfalls and attractions of Facebook et al. It’s an interesting book written in a very engaging style. He also includes a “boxed set” of charts and concentrated content that makes it easy to find points of interest throughout.

This reviewer’s takeaway is two quotes and a comment: “Social media are tools, great for building something great or hitting ourselves in the forehead with.” And: “When you quit social media, you find out who your friends are, which is hardly any of them.”

Information is strength and Think Before You Like will make you social media strong.

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