Field Roast is an artisan vegan meat recipe cookbook that is filled with 101 different and delicious recipes to make and savor. A lot of these recipes use grain meat which is a simple wheat flour that is molded into sausage or roast shapes. It is made from the wheat flour and vegetables and spices to have the texture needed to satisfy the palate. Background information on the startup of the company called Field Roast is included in this cookbook. The cookbook itself is full of colorful pages of each recipe. It includes five pages of essential tools and ingredients to stock in your pantry in order to make these delicious recipes. Next are special instructions on how to make the roasts and sausages that are used in many of these recipes. The contents of the book include recipes for breakfast foods, soups and sandwiches, vegetable sides, appetizers, main dishes, sauces, stocks and dressings, breads, and sweets! In the back of the cookbook there is a metric conversion chart that may be helpful and also a source page to help find special equipment and rare spices used. Just looking at the pictures will whet your appetite and make you want to try some of these vegan plant-based recipes!

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This reviewer is not a vegan and did not have some of the special tools needed like a sausage stuffer attachment, (just what is that??) vegan butter, or jack fruit, but was not deterred from the mission to try some of these recipes. We tried the Caramel Apple Brussels recipe which is absolutely delicious as a side vegetable. The sugar and apples sweeten the dish nicely. We also tried the Mushroom Burgundy Stew, although the Field Roast quarter loaf nor vegan butter were used as these items were not in the pantry. This recipe has 16 ingredients in it! That is a lot for this reviewer who is used to the Best Ever Three & Four Ingredient Cookbook! However, the stew was delicious! This is a great cookbook for people who are vegans and want to try new recipes and might already have a lot of these ingredients and tools. It is also a great cookbook for everyone ready to try a plant-based diet. This reviewer will continue to try the recipes because the broth recipe left me with frozen broth for future delights! Enjoy!

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