The Quinn family lives in a small town where life is anything but carefree. Since Samantha and Charlotte’s dad is a lawyer that represents criminals, they are often the target of nasty retaliation from the town. One night the family faces a horrific attack and their lives change forever. Slaughter reveals snippets of the horrible night within chapters of present day. Each additional snippet reveals a little more of the past; a little more of the hurt.

Charlotte finds her marriage in turmoil. She is suddenly thrust into a school shooting where she is the first witness. In the meantime, her sister Samantha lives in New York City and faces her own demons as she avoids her hometown and family. When she must return home, Samantha and Charlotte are forced to face each other and the life-changing events from their childhood.

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The Good Daughter is about how our family shapes us, defines us and ultimately changes us. Past events inform current fogginess and yet when the characters are forced to clear the fog and see things for what they really are, life changes forever. Slaughter has written a thriller but really something so much more in depth with meaning. At times, too many details slow down the story but overall the raw emotions the reader will feel for her flawed characters overcomes the book’s stops and starts of too many details and dialogue.

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