Do not walk, but instead run to buy Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old? This book is a comprehensive, innovative resource that even if one is not worried about getting old, the practical advice is good for someone of any age. For example, the chapter on transitions could apply to anyone going through a change, not just aging. The book focuses on resources, critical thinking, finances, livability, medical care, and even the topic of love (both people and pets). Each chapter begins with objectives so that the reader knows exactly what they will learn in the chapter. There are lists, tables, worksheets, and bolded information to help organize the chapter’s content. Each chapter ends with “Insights and Inspiration,” which gives recommended reading, YouTube videos, movies, music, songs, and even TED Talks. The book finishes with a checklist chapter-by-chapter where the reader sets due dates and inserts completed dates, too. Then all recommended websites are listed, as well as all the insight and inspiration recommendations from each chapter.

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“Acceptance of your own aging paves the way for breakthroughs of all kinds – lying and deceiving yourself about growing old leads to the exact opposite.”

Loverde’s book should be recommended reading for every single person, whether they are concerned about growing older (and you should be concerned) or not. Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old? is loaded with practical advice, resources, and action-oriented tasks. No one wants to get older, but this book certainly puts the reader in control of his future.

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