Infinite Stars is an anthology of space opera and military science fiction that makes a great addition to any science fiction fan’s library. This anthology brings together an interesting array of writers, bringing to the table a variety of worlds and stories that leave readers excited to see what the next story holds. Both new and veteran readers of these forms of science fiction will find enjoyment within its pages. The only potential drawback to this anthology for newer reader is the fact that many of stories are either continuations or side stories for series the author has written in the past. This can feel rather daunting if a newer reader hasn’t read these series before. Not to fear, however, as these stories are often accessible for new readers, Renegat, by Orson Scott Card, in particular, which makes this anthology a great way to get a feel for these writers. Something that can be quite beneficial for those looking to delve deeper into these genres.

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On top of this, there are plenty of stories in this collection that are separate entities, including a couple of novellas. One of which is Binti by Nnedi Okorafor, which won the Nebula, Hugo, and BFA award for best novella in 2016, which is basically required reading.

In the end, Infinite Stars is a great anthology with a bit of something for everyone and some top notch writers to boot.

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