Nora Stuart was confident that when she left her small Maine home on Scupper Island that she would never return. She was a doctor, had a great boyfriend, and everything in her life was great – or so she told herself. When Nora was hit by a car and overheard her boyfriend flirting over her hospital bed, she knew she needed a change and needed to go home. Nora finds that her welcome to both family and strangers isn’t quite what she envisioned, but she is determined to mend fences and process old wounds. Nora must try to make peace with her past and those she desperately needs connections with if she will ever feel at home again.

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Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins is a delightful novel about how we can never run from our past and about how laying old ghosts to rest can free us up for a better future. Nora is a great lead character – she is smart, nerdy, frequently makes mistakes, but is earnest in her desire to connect with her family. In general, the women are the star of this novel. They are the most complexly written characters and come to life on the page. Nora’s mother and niece, in particular, are a delight to read. Her mother, is a stoic Mainlander with a deeply hidden mushy center and her nice, Poe, is a troubled teenager desperately trying to find stability in her life. While Nora does have an over-arching love interest in this book, the men in the novel are secondary to the women, with the exception of Nora’s missing father, who is a shadow looming over the darkness of her adolescence. The plot unfolds nicely and is written at a nice pace. The conclusion ties itself up nicely. This book will please fans of the author and those who are looking for a great vacation book.

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