The premise of The Missing Ingredient is how time plays a role in food, but, this book explores so much more than just time. The book has sections based on Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years. Linford weaves her own personal stories of growing up in Singapore and her travels around the world to add another layer of perspective to her obvious love of food.

“Time is the universal ingredient in the food we cook and eat.  As an invisible ingredient, however, it is seldom considered in its own right.”

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In each section the allotted time is explored with several examples in food. For example, in the Seconds chapter, chocolate, umami, caramel, blanching and coffee roasting is explored. Seconds make a large difference in the taste and outcome of these ingredients. But Linford also offers history, interesting facts and unusual stories in addition to the ingredients. The Hours chapter focused on bread, roasting, bain-marie, marinating and making stock.

For the avid foodie or cook The Missing Ingredient is a treasure trove of information and curiosities. Linford has done her research and written a book that will inspire and entertain the average to professional cook. She closes the book with a helpful food and drink directory that readers can use to continue to explore the world of food.

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