You know it’s a good book when you look at the clock and it’s three o’clock in the morning. For fans of mystery, suspense, and thrillers, we have for you here five very fine picks that will become glued to your hand the minute you open it. From small town to large city, murder is murder and someone has to solve that murder. It’s time to pick up that magnifying glass and find the clues along with these great detectives.

Criss Cross (Alex Cross (25))
By James Patterson
Little, Brown and Company, $29.00, 400 pages

Another heart-stopping action adventure from James Patterson in the Alex Cross series. When Alex Cross and his partner John Sampson helped to convict a serial killer, they never thought that someone else may have been the real killer. When another murder is committed and Alex finds a note signed with the letter “M”, he finds that what the killer wants may be something personal. Full of modern technological methods and a race against time, this thriller is just another fantastic Patterson read.

Death Brings a Shadow (A Gilded Age Mystery)
By Rosemary Simpson
Kensington, $26.00, 320 pages

This swampy thriller set in Bradford Island, Georgia, a bride is found dead and her best friend sets out to find out what happened. It is 1889 and Prudence and Geoffrey are attending Prudence’s best friend, Eleanor’s wedding. However, Eleanor’s body is found bruised in an alligator-infested swamp. Complete with voodoo spells and long-buried secrets, Death Brings a Shadow will haunt you until the end.

When Old Midnight Comes Along (Amos Walker Novels)
By Loren D. Estleman
Forge Books, $26.99, 272 pages

Set in Detroit, Amos Walker is hired by Francis X. Lawes, a politician, to prove his wife Paula is dead so that he can remarry. As the body was never found and Lawes was the main suspect, the case became sticky. On top of that, the officer who was working the case died and his notebook was never found. As Walker goes through the steps necessary to work the case, the reader is taken through the scenic route into a not-so-safe part of Detroit. This book is the twenty-eighth book in the Amos Walker series and fans are raving over it. Dark and sinister with laidback nuances created by the main character himself.

Echoes of the Fall: An Earl Marcus Mystery
By Hank Early
Crooked Lane Books, $26.99, 345 pages

This is the third book in the Earl Marcus series. When Earl finds a dead body with a cryptic letter on his front lawn, he decides to enlist some buddies to help him find out what happened. Following clues that lead him to a local politician’s helper, Jeb, and Jeb’s ex-wife, Earl must put them together to find out who is connected to what and why the man was murdered. With a cast of not-so-perfect characters and a big predicament, Echoes of the Fall is unlike any other mystery out there. Fun and entertaining for fans of mystery and suspense.

A Minute to Midnight (An Atlee Pine Thriller (2))
By David Baldacci
Grand Central Publishing, $29.00, 432 pages

FBI Agent Atlee Pines stars in this Baldacci thriller that hits close to home as she goes to her hometown in Georgia to uncover more about Atlee’s sister’s death almost thirty years ago. A new murder shakes up the town followed by another while Atlee is there. This book has the murder in a small town feel to it with a sense of uneasiness around every corner. Twists and turns will keep you hooked while reading.