By Gurpareet Bains

Absolute Press, $19.95, 240 pages

The photographs alone make your mouth water. Join cookbook author Gurpareet Bains on a culinary quest in his book Indian Superfood. Superfoods are foods with exceptional health benefits (i.e. antioxidant rich spinach and berries). Bains sets out to combine superfoods with the healing “superspices” used in Indian cooking. His goal is to create delicious recipes that lead to a longer and healthier life.

Bains shares information about the spices used in Indian cooking. He includes details about the taste, medicinal uses, and interesting facts about each spice. Did you know that a half teaspoon of cumin has as much antioxidant potential as a serving of grapes? It’s food for thought! Because of the amount of antioxidants, Bains’ recipes provide antiviral boosts, pain relief, digestive aid, and cardiovascular benefits. Most of the recipes call for very few ingredients, making prep time quick and easy.

Begin your day with dried apricots poached with lime and spices. For lunch, whip up some roasted vine tomato, vegetable, and cinnamon soup or baked spicy passion fruit chicken. Your beef with papaya and clove dinner will be complemented by a chai spice infused Bloody Mary. Put on your apron and start cooking.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin