By Beth A. Barnett, Sasquatch Books, 223 pages – Rabbit Food for the Vegans –

“If you are not vegan or even vegetarian, you’ll still be pleased by how tasty and satisfying these recipes are.”

This whimsical, small-format, spiral-bound, inexpensively produced vegan cookbook could be a useful addition to a vegan or vegetarian cook’s book shelf. Most recipes are not original but rather traditional recipes (Crispy Baked Potatoes; Cold Black Bean Salad; Cinnamon Rolls) converted to vegan standards. This new edition is an updated version of the 2007 version. The recipes are good, easy to follow and easy to read even though they are hand-written with cute little symbols and sketch illustrations. The problem, however, is that they are unedited. The author did not strictly follow recipe writing rules that ingredients are listed in the order they come up in the instructions. A good editor would also change a number of things to make the recipes more cook-friendly. The author was careful to keep each recipe on a single page for convenience. Some come with useful hints and options.

The first hundred pages include essays on Food Supply, Health and Nutrition, The Industrialization of Food in America, then discussion on gardening, vegan ingredients and how to use them, equipment and even how to make a grocery bag and a produce bag. The book has a good, useable index.

Reviewed by George Erdosh,