Feeding the Hungry Ghost- Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner - A Satisfying Diet for Unsatisfying Times3 star



By Ellen Kanner
New World Library, $15.95, 237 pages

With an odd title like Feeding the Hungry Ghost you might expect an unusual book by Ellen Kanner. Your expectation will be fulfilled. This is not a vegan cookbook, not the author’s biography, not stories and essays but a combination of everything. Kanner focuses on saving the planet and the environment, living green, knowing where your food comes from and having a deep, almost spiritual, appreciation of it. The book is a medium-sized trade paperback without illustrations. The text continues uninterrupted, except for the forty nine vegan recipes scattered throughout. Kanner writes about anything and everything, including the story of how she successfully weaned off of harmful processed foods and sodas.

“A basic way to give yourself the care you need is to pay attention to what you eat and to make healthier choices for all concerned—for you, for the planet.”

She sees everything (in food, eating and the world) in total black or total white. Each recipe is preceded by long stories and essays. Her writing is not easy to read. Since the text is continuous, many recipes flip partway to an overleaf page, which is inconvenient for the cook. Kanner gathered these recipes during her international travels and adapted them to fit the needs of vegans. They are good recipes. The book ends with a reference guide by chapter and a very good cross-referenced index.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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