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The word “skinny” is misleading in the title of The Science of Skinny Cookbook because this book is really about eating healthy. Dee McCaffrey oozes passion on this topic and it does not hurt that she is also a chemist, nutritionist and former obese person. The focus in this book is really about eating the least amount of processed foods possible. She begins the book with an explanation of foods that heal and foods that take away from a person’s health. She then offers lists of key vegetables, legumes, grains and fats and oils for optimum health. Suggested pantry lists are provided in easy-to-read tables in chapter two. Chapter three offers processed free kitchen essentials and contains so much valuable information for the reader. Information is organized in easy-to-read tables and shading. Chapters four through 14 list recipes for every possible category including breakfast, sweets, snacks, soups and main dishes.

“The attainment of your natural body weight should be part of a plan for overall wellness, so I’ve elevated the status of the word skinny and given it a more appropriate meaning-optimal health.”

Recipes are simple to follow and give an introductory paragraph, number of servings, ingredients needed, variations and directions. The middle of the book has eight pages of color photos. The book closes with a helpful resource section and an alphabetized index. The Science of Skinny Cookbook is an indispensable resource for someone desiring a healthier lifestyle by eating the least processed foods. This book is a worthy addition to your cookbook library if health is your focus.

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