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Formats: Paperback
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The Born Again Runner is a handy dandy handbook for all things related to running. Pete Magill is an experienced Masters Cross Country runner and he is bound and determined to get the reader off his duff! Magill acknowledges that running is difficult; it is easy to find all kinds of excuses to not run. But, he contends that he has an answer to just about any excuse one can devise. Myths are busted and excuses are denied. The book is divided into three parts: excuses, doing it, and finally, making it a lifelong commitment.

The Born Again Runner is littered with personal stories, facts, graphs, pictures, charts, examples, photos, and ideas. This book is just loaded with information. Content is bolded and bulleted where needed, which makes finding material easy. Whether a newbie or a tenured runner, data abounds in this information-packed book to suit anyone’s level. The injury-prevention exercises (with photos) are extremely helpful to anyone battling those unavoidable running grievances. The book size, not too small or too large, makes it an easy guide to carry around and refer to as needed. It will be pretty difficult to deny Magill, so just get out there, start, and stay with your running regime.

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