Frazier is the founder of No Meat Athlete, a blog focused on a plant-based diet for athletes. Frazier is passionate about how plant-based diets can fuel world class athletes and with this book, he has taken it up a notch by excluding oils, too. Frazier enlisted certified health coach and yoga teacher, Stepfanie, to help with the recipes. Chapter one builds the case for how plant-based diets do offer enough nutrition and protein to fuel athletes. Pages with key information are colored with brown pages, which make them easy to find and identify. For example, foods worth eating every single day are important enough that it is a two-page spread with bright colors and numbers. Like many cook books, the next chapter focuses on the proper tools for the readers’ kitchens. This reviewer loved how the authors invite (and maybe even challenge) the reader to hack their recipes so that readers have a starting point but never an end with the varieties of recipes and meals that can be made with help from this book.

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Recipes range from breakfast, dinners, salads, small plates, workout recovery, flavor boosts, and finally desserts. Each recipe gives serving numbers, time, an introduction, numbered steps, and listed ingredients. Icons also identify if it is gluten-free, oil-free, soy-free and then a slow or fast food. There is even an icon for carbo-loading. Variations are offered and extra notes when needed. Forty-five full-color, full page photos complement some of the recipes. This is a book for readers and athletes serious about moving to a plant-based diet. With some attention and experimentation, The No Meat Athlete Cookbook will aid the home cook to try this ever-growing lifestyle.

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