Cole and the Giant Gingerbread House

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Cole and his sister, Claudia, venture out into the cold, all alone, on Christmas Eve. Their faces are smattered with dirt and their tummies empty. When Cole receives a loaf of bread from a shopkeeper in town, he passes it on to a hunger-stricken child. A man dressed as Saint Nick witnesses his kindness and gifts him a tiny gingerbread house. He tells him to plant it in blessed ground, and when the two reach home, Cole follows his instructions precisely. Then, he and Claudia drift off to sleep on the frozen ground and awake to a magical world in which all their needs are met – just in time for Christmas.

This is a touching holiday tale that’s sure to pull the heartstrings of young children with tender souls. It’s a beautiful story of sacrifice, courage, and reciprocity. Educators of early elementary-aged students will find it a perfect resource for bringing out the best in their students and sparking dialogue about sharing and gratitude. An array of insightful writing assignments can be linked to the text as well.

This is a high-quality book with a timeless message. It’s well-written and meaningful. Additionally, the illustrations are filled with wonder, vibrancy, and allure.

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Author Riya Aarini
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 34 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date
ISBN 9781736316924 Buy this Book
Issue December 2021
Category Children's