The Complete Modern Pantry

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America’s Test Kitchen: The Complete Modern Pantry is not just an ordinary cookbook. Open it up to find an explanation of flavors and textures and how they mix, basics for every pantry, an explanation of aromatics and protein storage, and a useful conversion chart. Although this book is meant to use with foods that one already has on hand, many of the recipes were quite fancy without having a super long list of ingredients or steps. There were many recipes that would be big hits at parties of all kinds. From savory soups and noodle dishes to spicy chilaquiles, broccoli cheese cornbread, and olive oil cake, this book has a variety of recipes that many people would never think to make. There are some fun crunchy topping recipes and delicious dressings that require minimal ingredients and preparation. The Gochugang-Tahini Noodles really caught my eye as I was going through the book. It only has eight to ten ingredients (two are optional), and if you are a person who cooks a lot of Asian food, you’ll probably have most of these ingredients on hand. The book also includes the nutrition facts for each recipe at the end of the book, which is useful as well.

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Author Test Kitchen America's
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 448 pages
Publish Date 15-Nov-2022
ISBN 9781954210165 Buy this Book
Issue December 2022
Category Cooking, Food & Wine