Your Life Has Been Delayed

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Your Life Has Been Delayed follows the life of Jenny Waters who boards a flight from New York to St. Louis, only for it to land twenty-five years later. Jenny is forced to navigate her new life and the relationships that follow.

While Michelle I. Mason’s novel is not a new concept and is set up with the same premise as the popular TV series, Manifest, the book offers a realistic take on the emotions of a teenage girl going through a life-changing event. Additionally, Mason does a commendable job of portraying Jenny as a girl who is just trying to figure herself out, now presented with new obstacles. However, while the book’s raw emotion and scene set-up are present on the page, it fails to bring anything new to the delayed plane concept.

Within the series, Mason spends very little time pursuing the sci-fi perspective and quickly debunks any conspiracies. The angle that is pursued, however, is the romantic pairing between Jenny and her former best friend’s son, Dylan, whom she is now linked to by her past. This pairing is neither unique nor comedic and comes off as flat and overused. Overall, what could have been a fairly strong book with solid foundations and emphatic writing missed the mark.

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Author Michelle I. Mason
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury YA
Publish Date 24-Aug-2021
ISBN 9781547604081
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Issue September 2021
Category Young Adult