Weird Pig

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Weird Pig by Robert Long Foreman is a book about a pig who talks and has interests and desires like that of a human; it’s anthropomorphic to the extreme. The story is humorous, yet ironic. Readers follow Weird Pig from being adopted and living with a family, to New York City, the Army, Las Vegas, and more. He worries about things like the neighbor sheep being turned into a condom. There are lots of references to Melville and Libertarianism, which are interesting at times. There are funny one-liners about driving a Prius and people staring at their phones. Death is looming throughout the book, and it has a sad end.
I see how Weird Pig is clever; however, I felt that the book was a long inside joke, and one that I didn’t get. It has very dry humor, but I didn’t find it funny. Lines about how Captain America gave Weird Pig a hand job at a movie theatre are shocking, but not interesting or funny. There’s little context throughout the humor, which is why it felt like there was an inside joke that I wasn’t privy to. The tone is flat and odd throughout. I have a hard time recommending this book, but perhaps the right reader would love it.

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Author Robert Long Foreman
Star Count 2/5
Format Trade
Page Count 264 pages
Publisher Southeast Missouri State University Press
Publish Date
ISBN 9781732039971 Buy this Book
Issue October 2020
Category Humor/Fiction


  1. Megan

    I couldn’t put this book down—it’s intriguing, naughty, playful, and an all-around good time. Five stars.

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