White Trash Warlock

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Adam has spent his life feeling cursed by what makes him different. Now, he’s chosen to embrace the Sight and what only he can see: spirits and magical sorts that draw him into another world. As he tracks down a warlock he thinks could be tied to his missing father, he’s detoured by an unexpected text he receives from his brother Robert, whom he hasn’t spoken to in years. The missing artifacts he’s been tracking and his brother’s plea for help lead in the same direction. Robert’s wife has been taken hold of by a spirit so dangerous that some of the most powerful beings Adam knows are afraid of it. When the spirit sets its eyes on him, it sets things into motion that he could never have predicted and puts him onto the path of a handsome cop whom he risks his own life to save.

David R. Slayton knocks this debut out of the park with a brilliant, emotional, clever, and original story that will tug at your heart, tickle your funny bone, and send you on a whirlwind journey. The differences between the brothers are vast as Adam embraces the craziness of magic and a true belief in the unknown, while Robert shed his accent and small-town life for a so-called perfect life as a doctor and husband. Slayton dips into Robert’s perspective to allow you to understand what led him to where he is and puts a more empathetic light on him. At the core of this story is the bond of a family which, for Adam and Robert, is a connection wrought with past sins, secrets, pain, and estrangement. Underneath the pain of the past and the scars it left on the characters is an air of humor and the lightness of blooming romance, past love, and hope. The cast of characters is spot-on with a range of delightful sorts such as a strong-willed queen, a charming fairy prince, and a genuine cop. This highly emotional debut puts a fresh spin on urban fantasy, magic, and fairies with this unique world that Slayton draws you into. White Trash Warlock is a must-have book that will make you savor every moment spent with Adam, addicted to a rich world of magic, and enjoy time spent with the characters.

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Author David R. Slayton
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 307 pages
Publisher Blackstone Publishing
Publish Date
ISBN 9781094067964 Buy this Book
Issue October 2020
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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